Invoice Finance

Invoice finance or factoring is one of the oldest forms of financing and is still used by many companies around the world. It is a financing arrangement that enables a business to sell its account receivables (money owed) to a third party, prior to their due date, at an agreed price that accounts for the risks of non-payment and the time value of money.
Invoice financing is an additional source of funding, helps companies manage cash flows and costs, and frees up valuable management resources.
In the event that the buyer of the goods or services, which has validly assigned the invoice to Tijara Money, does not make payment the supplier will remain liable for any advances.

Equipment Finance

Equipment financing is the use of a loan or lease to purchase or borrow physical assets for your business. This type of financing might be used to purchase or borrow any physical asset, such industrial machinery, restaurant ovens or a company car.

The Tijara Money platform offers solutions that may help companies purchase commercial assets or equipment including Commercial Vehicles, Construction equipment, Industrial equipment, Machinery, Medical devices and other Professional equipment.

Trade Finance

Trade finance is the financing of international trade flows that helps reduce the risks involved in an international trade transaction between an exporter, who requires payment for their goods or services, and an importer who wants to make sure they are paying for the correct quality and quantity.

Risks including payment risk, country risk and corporate risk can often be reduced or resolved by a financing institution.

Property Finance

Property finance involves the financing of commercial and industrial property (offices, hospitality, warehouses and industrial) for trading or business purposes and does not extend to residential properties.

Tijara Money is a marketplace for financing solutions which is provided by a licensed and registered lenders in their respective territories.

Simple Process


Simple Process


Simple Process


Simple Process


How it Works

Online Register

Provide business details and supporting commercial documentation to open account (one-time only).

Upload Property Details

Upload property details, including specifications, permits and title deeds where applicable

Approval and Pricing

Once the invoice has been verified and approved a price will be set and an offer made for you to accept.

Receive Payment

Once the price has been agreed the money will be paid for immediate use.


Quick and simple application process to receive a competitive quote quickly
No upfront processing fee or obligation to accept our offer
Online transaction management and customer support
Transparent process with no hidden fees. No partial payment and no ongoing costs
Minimum funding of $50,000 equivalent in local currency and no maximum
Prompt and direct payment up on invoice approval


Your stable operating and financial history

Valid Commercial and Legal Documentation

Your Annual Revenue Over $500K

Your Good Credit Score

Feasibility plan or projected repayment schedule

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Tijara Money, is an online marketplace that helps companies identify financing options quickly, through a simple and user friendly interface

Tijara Money Proposition:

One Stop Shop for Financing Solutions: The Tijara Money platform offers multiple financing options, based on your specific requirements

Instant Quotes: Filling up a simple online form helps to quickly evaluate your options

Competitive Rates: Market leaders in the financial and tech industry will work to help secure competitive deals

Immediate Disbursement: Once approved the funds are disbursed quickly

Tijara Money Values:

Transparency: Our commitment is to offer solutions that help resolve your financing needs competitively and with no hidden fees

Privacy: The information provided is only shared with relevant financial institutions and governmental agencies, and never shared with a third party without your permission