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Company Name : Home Hero

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

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A successful Home Maintenance Company based in Dubai is up for immediate Sale.

It’s a running model that has a very good brand, large customer base, good returns and infinite potential for growth.

The ROI is 20% +.

AC & Duct Cleaning & Maintenance

10 registered staff under the company visa and a further 3 on freelance visa.

Accredited audit and valuation reports are available.

Meetings are scheduled with potential buyers from Monday the 20th July onwards and slots are filling up fast.

With a few tweaks, the business has unlimited potential to be a powerhouse within 12-24 months.

The sale of the business is due to personal circumstances which requires the owner and the family to repatriate back home urgently.

All the groundwork has been done and the business is heading in a very positive direction.

You will not find a business like this on the market easily.


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