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Independently owned and operated since 2006, TRD Auto Repairing Garage LLC an average of 50 vehicles a day. Retail customers, fleets and a large number of other repair facilities all come for the quick turn around and great service.

At over 6,000 sq ft with 5 hoists, an Alignment Rack, Emission Facility (1988-present), state of the art tire installer/balancer and the latest diagnostic equipment, TRD Auto Repairing Garage LLC is ready for all of your repair needs.

- Serve 80 - 100 B2C clients each month.

- Primarily work with high-end luxury cars.

- We have over 1,000 regular clients under this vertical.

- Also run a used car dealership business which contributes to most of our revenue but has relatively lower margins.

- Sell 20 - 30 used cars each month.

- Our revenue has been growing significantly over the last few months as the number of used cars we sell each month has been steadily increasing.

- Business owns cleaning and repair equipment, tools, fixtures and an inventory of used cars.


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