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United Arab Emirates, Dubai

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This is the prime and leading Australian Immigration and Settlement Consultancy, managed by a team of professional Australians who have more than 30+ years of cumulative experience in the Australian Migration field. The Franchise arm in UAE is known as the "BEST AUSTRALiAN MiGRATION SETTLEMENT EXPERTS" in UAE.

The beauty of all is that our Head Business of the Australian Immigration Legal Firm business is in Dubai & Australia. The Head Lawyer of this Business is an Australian Immigration Lawyer and is based out of UAE. She is the only Australian Immigration Lawyer in UAE and this is verified as of even today on The AUSTRALIAN government website. We have Exclusivity partnership in UAE with the Australian Immigration Office here in UAE with a fair 50% on revenue.

Our UAE Franchise Office has 350 existing clients as of today in the pipe line going on with a min collection of US$3000 per application/client which leaves us with our share of US$450,000

It’s a very simple plug and play business that is designed by the Australian Management Team and is Equipped with trained efficient professional staff with access to intellectual property and credentials and a powerful brand identity. As well as a conveniently located and comfortable office space of approx 500 sq ft. Within a business centre with full amenities. -

Also to top it all our office here in UAE has also got another Master Agency of a business called Qualifications Australia of which the revenue are not even calculated in the valuation or projection.


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