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How long can I keep advertising for FREE?
Under our Standard plan you can renew the advert as often as you need or until the business or property is sold. You will receive a reminder to cancel or renew your advert after 3 months.

Will I have to pay a commission on sales?
Tijara Market is not a broker and we do not charge a commission for helping sell your business. We are an advertising service and a marketplace for business services.

Can I remain anonymous?
Tijara Market recognizes that selling a business is a sensitive process and we respect the privacy of sellers. You do not have to reveal specific details such as the name of the business or its exact location. Your contact details are not shown and all messages from buyers can be delivered to you via the site.

What is your Privacy policy?
Your details will not be passed on to any third party and you won't be contacted by anyone else unless you specifically request it.

How do buyers contact me?
Buyers must first register with the site before they can contact you. This simple process filters out time wasters. Once registered, buyers will use the ‘Contact Seller’ button to request more information.

How do I know my buyers are genuine?
Our customer services team regularly check the emails for spam. Any offending or false responses are blocked from the site. However you will need to conduct your own due diligence.

How much information should I provide?
For best results, you should enter accurate, clear information and to classify it correctly. We prompt you to enter a location, asking price, annual sales revenue, and general business details but you can keep certain information confidential until you are confident about the process.

How long will it take to sell my business?
We cannot guarantee that you will sell your business or property within a given time frame and your success will depend on the expected performance of the asset, your description and the asking price.

Should I seek professional advice?
Selling a business or a property is important and may reflect reward for years of hard work and financial risk. If you need help please consider checking the Business Services section for professional assistance. This may add to your costs but could help better prepare your sale and improve the asking price.

Is PayPal the only way to pay for Premium Adverts?
Our Standard advertising plan is FREE but if you wish to buy a Premium plan you may pay by cash, bank transfer or cheque. Contact us at info@tijaramarket.com for details.